Verdant gives you a state of the art foundation for SEO for your website.

big-joomlaseotemplateThe JS Verdant template gives you a state of the art foundation for SEO for your website. Our templates do better in Google and you'll get more traffic to your site. Period.

Joomlashack has been a world leader in developing Joomla SEO templates since 2005. We were the first to offer SEO template features such as source ordering, lightweight code and semantic H1/H2 tags at a time other template developers were bloating their templates with code and eye candy.

It is easy to make a template that's "the fastest in the world." Just take out all the images and have bare-bones CSS. At Joomlashack we know that you need more than just speed to be successful with SEO, you need a template that is attractive, usable, accessible AND loads fast.

JS Verdant has several critical SEO features:

  • Super lightweight code framework - Loads faster
    • Combined image assets with sprites - fewer HTTP requests
    • Compressed core CSS - increases load speed
    • Disable core Mootools - reduces size by 72KB
  • Powerful grid framework - Easy for search engines to read
    • Source ordered content - middle column read first
    • Tableless layout - easier to index content
    • H1/H2 Joomla HTML overrides - replaces non-Google friendly .contentheading
  • Logo image replacement - Replace the image logo with a text logo to make it more SEO Friendly
  • Pure CSS menus - no javascript indexing problems
  • CSS tab images for menus/buttons - looks better than boring CSS-only tabs

We wrote the book on Joomla SEO in 2006 and have a selection of the fastest loading templates that can convert site visitors the best.

Our Joomla templates are the "best conversion machines in the world."