refreshChanging a template's logo is probably the first thing you'll want to do when you get started fitting this template into your site.

To change the header preferences of the template, login to your Joomla! administration and click on Extensions > Template Manager.

Next, click on the JS_Verdant link to enter the template parameters area.

Setting up the header is one click in the template parameters. You'll see a drop down option to choose the style you need.

verdant logo

There are three options:

  • Module
  • Image
  • Text

The Module option will load a module called "logo". This option allows you to easily place an image into the header area.

The Image option will use a background image. The image must be called logo.png (unless you change it in the CSS file), and must be in the template/images folder.

The Text option simply shows your Site name and Slogan as text.

You should always enter something relevant for your Site Headline and Slogan. When text is chosen for your header style settings, your site name and slogan will be rendered visible on the frontend. When graphic mode is chosen, the text entered is placed beneath the graphic image code but still remains in tact for search engine optimization.

Lastly, make sure you have set your Logo Grid Size (width) and height appropriately. Enter ONLY a numerical value for height, do not add "px" in the box.